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TNT Fishing Lures


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The perfect box for an angler looking to test out TNT, an angler in need of a rad holiday gift or the angler who already owns TNT looking to add more Top Producers to the collection. 

These boxes will include a wicked amount of TNT lures and unreleased merch! Each box will include:

-Multiple best-producing spoons (Trolling Box contains 10 Spoons, Casting Box contains 9 spoons, mixed box contains 9 spoons, Limited edition box contains copper, gold and silver spoons in limited edition colour schemes - 5 total)
-NEW TNT-branded acrylic keychains
-NEW TNT holographic decals x2 (3")
-Tested, unreleased casting and trolling spoons PROVEN at a wicked price

"BLACK PEARL" is a NEW 2024 TNT design sure to get them fish on! It features a half-crushed glow pearl/half-moon jelly vinyl lay and black/white dots. This lure will ONLY BE FEATURED IN THESE BOXES! the casting spoon boxes will have their own special featured lure- the Carbon 99 featuring a black front with a white dot and a moon jelly glow ladderback!