Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your blanks from?

  • The secret is in the sauce, the proof is in the pudding, although we will not share where we get our blanks you'll be comforted to know that all our blanks are American made. Each blank is crafted and tuned to exhibit a perfect fish attracting wobbling action in the water. Our spoons are made of Nickle Plated or 24K Gold Plated Brass using only the best plating elements. 

"Fish On Topcoat" 

  • Our unique fish on top coat requires time on our end but the result is 100% worth the wait. Each lure is coated with a glistening protective topcoat setting us apart from our competitors. 

How long does the glow paint on your lures last after charging?

  • Our glow paint is unique and was sourced carefully prior to use. It is formulated in a lab and contains a high-grade glow substance. Simply Expose to a UV light or blacklight for 15 minutes to fully activate its glow properties. Incandescent light is not recommended for charging - sunlight, fluorescent light or UV light produces the best results. UV light (Blacklight) will charge the material up about twice as fast. Maximum afterglow on our lures is long lasting and of industrial afterglow level strengths. The glow product used is not available for resale through us.

What type of paints or tapes are used on your lures?

  • Each lure is crafted with care and a commitment to quality, we only use airbrush specific high-quality paints and American made lure tapes.

What kind of hooks are used on your lures?

  • TNT now shares a proud partnership with Rapala VMC - All TNT fishing lures are equipped with #7554 2X strength hooks. A VMC saltwater permasteel single siwash option is also available for those requiring. 

What kind of split rings are used on your lures?

  • Nothing is worse than a snapped or rusty split ring, we ONLY use high quality American made stainless steel split rings tested at 85-100lb hold ability. 

What is the time frame in which you ship and produce lures?

  • Our lures are made on a “made to order” basis, each lure is handcrafted in small batches just for you or your charter! Ship out time depends on order size. All shipping includes tracking to ensure your order reaches you in a timely manner. 

We are interested in buying your lures for our retail shop or charter boat/guide service, Is this possible?

  • For large orders or resale inquiries please contact us directly at sales@tntfishinglures.ca so that we can provide accurate pricing and assistance with your order.