Glow Casting Spoons

Meet the TNT Fishing Team

We just wanted to take a minute to introduce ourselves, we are Ty & Tia a couple that originally met in Arthur Ontario, now we reside in a rural town together a bit further north. We have both grown up fishing and learning from our predecessors however we have also worked very hard to learn the skills we use today to catch some of the most beautiful fish in Ontario.

Aside from making and designing our lures our time together is generally spent with our dog out fishing rivers, back country lakes and the great lakes or out hiking and exploring to target new honey holes. We know that with dedication and hard work come rewards.

Last year we got our first boat together and began furthering our knowledge about trolling, gaining knowledge from friends and family as we taught ourselves how to maneuver through different situations in order to catch and boat our dream fish. Last year we were able to boat many fish, bringing good fish luck to our vessel including multiple cohos, a 10 pound rainbow, multiple lake trout, a 27.5 pound salmon during the silver salmon derby on Lake O, a true northern native musky, and last but certainly not least our 23 pound Chinook in all her silver glory that landed us 5th place over 10 days in the salmon spectacular.

To say we are proud of our accomplishments this far is an understatement and we only plan to take the fish world by storm from here on We put a lot of research and hard work into finding spoon blanks, getting paint that's vibrant, finding unique glow paint that lasts, using hardware that will never rust or let you down out on the water and most importantly our clear coat- we didn't cut any corners on this and it will set the bar high making our lures one of the top performing lures in the industry.

As we build our business we are so happy to have each one of you here supporting us and cheering us on as we make our dreams come true. We will start collecting footage from each outing so you can be there alongside us as we catch the monsters and boat some of the most beautiful fish of Ontario.