TNT Fishing Lures- A Brilliant 2 Years in Business

TNT Fishing Lures- A Brilliant 2 Years in Business



2024 is a year of celebration for TNT as a whole. This April we celebrate 2 full years in business as a team and a family with our four legged mascot by our sides. The beginning of 2024 proved to be a tough beginning that challenged us mentally and physically while we worked to seek and receive treatment for our pups illness. We are staying positive and doing everything we can to ensure he is in top notch health to live a happy, healthy long life for years to come as he is truly a large part of our fishing adventures and everything we do. We want to thank the angling community that came together in a time of need and helped us with Bolts surgery and ongoing treatment funds. We will forever be grateful to be part of such an incredible community.  

TNT Continues to be family owned, operated and formed of North American Components, premium vinyl's, paints and of course our unmatched fish on topcoat. At the beginning of 2024 we were extremely excited to officially partner with VMC/Rapala on our hooks- Now all TNT spoons both casting and trolling are rigged with the anglers choice of hooks- #7554 2X strong treble hook or a saltwater specialized permasteel single siwash hook. TNT provides true multi species casting and trolling spoons to anglers across the world that are proven time and time again in both fresh and saltwater. 

TNT Fishing lures has been taking the fishing world by storm since 2022, with an unmatched passion for their products and customer experience after the sale. TNT continues to provide extremely effective and unique colour schemes to anglers across North America with programs that celebrate new customers from new places. 

Upon opening in 2022 TNT introduced various programs and products to set themselves apart in an industry with so much similarity.

  • The TNT Two Face collection was an incredible start that continues to build with new additions each season. This collection provides anglers with complex double sided designs combining hand airbrushed artwork and premium vinyl to optimize effectiveness in a variety of circumstances on the water. “TNT Two Face” designs that should not be overlooked include Naughty Kermit, Arctic Crush, Two Face Tommy, Shark Attack and Gator Boots.
  • The introduction of the TNT retail shop custom program followed suit with this; providing retailers across North America with the opportunity to design a custom casting or trolling lure only to be sold in their show exclusively- this program was created by us to ensure our retailers were brought to the forefront of our sales platforms. TNT will continue this program for years to come to showcase the custom abilities of the TNT team while providing retailers with an unmatched experience. The TNT retailer list can be found at under the retailer spotlight section.
  • The TNT makers Mark- introduced in the spring of 2024, over the winter TNT worked with their American manufacturer to produce a custom TNT “Makers Mark” which will be featured on the back of nearly all TNT spoons moving forward.
  • The TNT Mapped out program which celebrates first time customers from new countries, states, or provinces by providing a special gift/ lure package for them, with a featured license plate over map post on our website! We have created this unique program to celebrate our growth.


Thankyou from the bottom of our hearts!

Keep calm and fish on!

The TNT Team

Ty, Tia & Bolt 


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