Junction 4 & 19 Walkerton, ON

We are so excited to have Junction 4 & 19 join our roster of Canadian Retailers. Tyler can be found at the shop day in and out sharing his wealth of knowledge with the fishing community. This shop holds a lot of value for us as a team as it was the first tackle shop we went to together when we met a few years back where our journey began. We are truly grateful to have this opportunity and we look forward to all the future holds as we grow together!


Tyler is A loyal family man who loves to help the angling community to the best of my knowledge. He loves getting out on the local and Great Lakes but his heart lies in the river. His passion rooted from his fathers avid love and respect for the rivers and surrounding water sheds. His dad taught him that, apart from catching fish, there’s a lot to learn from being on the water and that it allows us to appreciate the little things in life.